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This class will help you understand the nature of criminal violence in your home or business, and how to respond if given no choice.

This course covers the topics most relevant to the use of the shotgun as a home or business defense tool including:

– Selection/configuration of the defensive shotgun

– Proper ammunition selection

– Reliable loading and operation of the shotgun

– Shooting technique and recoil management

– Patterning

By the end of the course students will demonstrate competence in the handling, loading, and rapid, accurate use of the shotgun at common home defense distances. At the end of the day students will shoot a shotgun qualification course.

Gear Requirements:

Students will require 200 rounds of birdshot and 30 rounds of buckshot, 10 of which should be premium such as Federal Flight Control.

Suitable defensive or duty shotgun.

Eye and Ear Protection (Filtered/powered ear pro highly recommended, you must be able to hear range commands)

Brimmed hat

Bring a lunch, we will have a working lunch


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Cost $150 + $15 Range Fee

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