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We are thrilled to be working with Tim Chandler and FPF training again in 2019!


Shotgun Skills builds upon the fundamentals taught in Home Defense Shotgun. The basics will be reinforced, but students will be pushed to improve speed and accuracy with the shotgun on single targets, challenging multiple target arrays, and in competitive timed shooting. Shotgun Skills will also cover the application and use of slugs, use of the shotgun in close quarters, and the basics of approaching corners with a long gun. At the end of the day students will shoot an abbreviated slug and buckshot qualification similar to law enforcement shotgun qualification courses for the shotgun.

Minimum round count: 125 birdshot, 125 buckshot, 25 slugs

Note: If circumstances permit the class may shoot more than the advertised minimum…bringing an extra box or two of birdshot may not be a bad idea.

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