Performance Pistol

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Drive your pistol performance to the next level!


Performance pistol is a class that helps you achieve true proficiency with a handgun. It is a coaching-intensive class that will improve your speed, accuracy, manipulations, and draw. Breaking plateaus and giving you a roadmap to what comes next for your personal level of performance whether in competition, EDC, or Duty, you will improve.

This is not a beginner class, clients must be capable of reliably hitting a 3×5 card at 7 yards on demand, and have superior gun handling skills.

Pistol Fundamentals, under stress, and at speed.

Refining the presentation from the holster.

Risk averse gun handling.

Gear selection.

Ammunition selection.

Gear Required:

Note taking material

Suitable Handgun

Suitable Holster (No Serpa)

Minimum 3 magazines (more is better)

Eye and Ear Protection (filtered/powered ear pro required)

Brimmed hat (baseball cap)

500 rounds of factory FMJ ammo unless required to use issued duty ammunition (more is better)

Bring a food for a working lunch

A $20 cash range fee is due on day 1


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