Vang Comp Systems Mossberg 500/590 Armorer’s Course

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This armorer course rigorously covers the Mossberg 500/590 pump shotgun platform. This class is instructed from the experienced point of view of the Shop Foreman of Vang Comp Systems: Richard LaRue. Drawing from his years of armorer-level repairs and maintenance, and the literal thousands of shotguns he has laid hands on, Richard will offer his observations and teach his tips and tricks for the following topics:

-Basic operation and function


-Interaction of parts

-Proper safety checks

-Assembly & Disassembly

-Inspection of parts for excessive wear



-Modification / Customization






-Mossberg Shotgun

-Tools (Bench Block, Hammers, Punches, Screwdrivers, Flashlights)

-Lunch (bring your own, we may work through lunch)


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